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You Guys I Am So Itchy

You guys, I am SO ITCHY.

That is all.


wash me throughly

You guys, I took actual shower this morning, and it was amaaaaaaaaazing.

I say this as someone who is normally not a huge fan—someone who generally regards showers as perfunctory and boring—but after ten days of sponge baths? That. Felt. Good.  

Forgot To Mention

I only learned about this yesterday, or I’d totally be in Detroit right now, but Ballet Detroit has an Open Session this week. If you’re in the region, drop everything, go, suffer, and return stronger.

Rayevskiy brings the Vaganova, but if you’re afraid you can’t hang, don’t worry. I couldn’t make it 100% of the way on every exercise either, but it was still worth it to take his class. I really wish I could go, because a week of Rayevskiy would be really, really good for all my goals right now.


Go learn from this terrifyingly-beautiful-but-actually-really-sweet danseur. (Image ganked via screengrab direct from BalletDetroit.)

Since I can’t go, though, you should. You’ll wind up a beast in the best possible sense of the word.

PS: it took me an hour to write this because my stupid computer is terrible :/ Time for some troubleshooting.


Leaving for Cinci earlier than yesterday  at the same time as yesterday  when the new phone finishes its Android update… 


I’ve never seen video of myself doing petit allegro with beats until just now. BG posted a slo-mo video from the morning’s Killer Class on the facebag. 

I was really surprised at how nice it all looks … or, well, right to the point where I forgot which way we were supposed to glissade next, heh. 

But still! I thought I was way off form this morning, it wasn’t half bad!     

Our Super Adventure on The Potential Danger of the Feline Purr! 

Never Again The Typing Times! 

Good News 

I got cast! (And not the broken-bone kind 😁)

Next audition on my radar is ballet-related, but I’m not sure when it is. Dates haven’t been posted yet. 


TFW you have this beautiful peace of classical music stuck in your head and you really want to dig it up on the innerwebs and listen to it, but you can’t remember what it’s called :/

Never mind; I remembered.

(OTOH, at least least my brain plays full orchestrations.)

Also, I had this very random dream that involved incredibly beautiful miniature dark chocolate cakes. I don’t remember much of the rest of it, but I do remember that I wanted one of those soooooooo badly. The for sale at an open-air market thing at school (and I was a senior in high school, but nothing like I actually was as a senior in high school—and to further complicate matters, the school I was attending was the one I attended in elementary school, which stops at 9th grade). 

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